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AI-Assisted Data Science

This Web site links to resources for the book “AI-Assisted Data Science” by Immanuel Trummer, ordered by chapter. For each resource, you find a link and a short description.

Chapter 1

Resource Description
Prompt Example prompt for product review classification
Template Prompt template for product review classification

Chapter 2

Resource Description
ChatGPT Link to the ChatGPT Web interface by OpenAI
Review Example review of BananaBook laptop
BananaDB Notebook supporting queries on the BananaDB database

Chapter 3

Resource Description
Visualizations Notebook for visualizing attention in the BERT model

Chapter 4

Resource Description
Roberta XLM Example description of Roberta Transformer model

Chapter 5

Resource Description
Listing 1 Listing available GPT models
Listing 2 Example output listing available models
Listing 3 Making GPT tell us a story (text completion)
Listing 4 Extract of output for text completion
Listing 5 Customizing story generation via parameters
Listing 6 Text completion with OpenAI’s chat models
Listing 7 Example output of chat completion

Chapter 6

Resource Description
Reviews.csv Small set of movie reviews for sentiment classification
Listing 1 Classifying text by underlying sentiment
Listing 2 Extract from example prompt, classifying one movie review
Biographies.csv Small collection of biographies for text extraction
Listing 3 Extracting structured data from text documents
Listing 4 Extract from example prompt, extracting data from biographies
Listing 5 Example result when extracting tabular data from biographies
Textmix.csv Mix of poems and emails, to be used for document clustering
Listing 6 Clustering text documents via their embedding vectors
Listing 7 Example result when using GPT for text embedding